Commercial Printers offer quality signage and better value thanks to HP Low-Solvent printing supplies


  • To ensure the highest standard, consistent prints for customers
  • To maintain competitive pricing


  • New HP 781 and HP 791 Low Solvent printing supplies
  • HP Designjet 8000s, 9000s, and 10000s Printers

Business benefits:

  • Same high performance as previous HP 780 and 790 supplies
  • Smooth, seamless switch
  • Improved value

An ink's quality, consistency and performance play a central role for all print service providers (PSPs). Their success depends on the high standard and durability of the work that they deliver to their customers; therefore, PSPs are continually looking for the most reliable inks that will ensure them the best results.

Considering these factors and to provide its customers optimal value, HP has developed a new set of supplies for the HP Designjet 8000s, 9000s, and 10000s Printer comprised of the new HP 781 and HP 791 ink cartridges as well as cleaning and maintenance supplies.

HP designs its inks to provide uncompromising reliability, durability and ease of use, as well as vivid colors and image quality. In addition, HP owns the entire end-to-end production of the new supplies, allowing the company to ensure consistent performance during the entire ink development and manufacturing process as well as better availability for customers.

HP provided samples of the new HP 791 inks to more than 40 customers around the world. Through an extensive pre-release test period, reactions from all corners of the industry have been positive.

"HP gave us the opportunity to switch to the new inks and we decided to take part in the test process. The switchover was seamless and we haven't faced any issues," said Rajeev Gujral, Partner, Megasigns, New Delhi, India.

A smooth, seamless switch

To ensure a smooth transition, the new inks are compatible with the current HP 780 and HP 790 ink cartridges and existing printing materials. The switching process is very simple and it can be done at any time for each color. As the new inks are compatible with the current ones, mixing generations will not affect the overall printing system.

"Switching to the new inks was very easy as we were able to mix cartridges with the old version without any problems which meant we did not have to waste any of the old ink." Ron Muscato, Vice President, RPR Graphics. Inc, Downers Grove, USA.

"We decided to switch inks only in one of our two HP Designjet 9000 printers and we obtained the exact same good results. The new inks work as well as the previous ones." Bernard Moutier, Director, SARL Kaiman, Tourcoing, France.

"We really have not encountered any problems with these inks. Our finishing department did not know about this trial period, and they never mentioned seeing anything different." Tom Young, Digital Imaging Supervisor, Digico Imaging, Col Columbus, USA.

Same high performance

The new inks have been designed for with HP Designjet low-solvent ink printing systems to deliver vivid, durable prints with an equivalent, wide gamut of rich, saturated color. To provide best image quality and color reproduction accuracy, HP has developed new media color profiles for the new HP 781 and HP 791 inks available via the website

In addition, the new HP low-solvent HP 781 and HP 791 ink formulations achieve up to three years' display permanence without lamination and are scratch, smear, and crack resistant.

"Since we've downloaded the color profile, we haven't noticed any change in terms of color and image reproduction accuracy. The result is the same." François Rohart, Coordinator, Pikasso, Marcq-en-Barœul, France.

"All we had to do was to update the color calibration and load the new color profiles and since then, the results we obtain are exactly the same." Ong Yi Sheng, Director, Pixelhaus Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia.

"We obtained the same result printing on adhesive vinyl, banner and wallpaper. There has been no visible difference to us and none of our clients have noticed a difference either." Tom Young, Digital Imaging Supervisor, Digico Imaging, Col Columbus, USA.

"We decided to push the new inks test as far as we could by printing a banner for a bus, which required a high level of color accuracy. We looked carefully for any slight difference but the print remained absolutely the same. The new inks provide the same level of performance and reliability" Bernard Moutier, Director, SARL Kaiman, Tourcoing, France.

Better value

These new inks also deliver better value to the customer with strict quality standards, at a lower price.

"The lower price will allow us to maintain competitive pricing in future and will have a good impact on our business." Rajeev Gujral, Partner, Megasigns, New Delhi, India.