Hunan Daily Group orders new Goss Magnum press
  • Leading Chinese media group will install highly-automated press to increase capacity

June 3rd, 2009 - One of the largest media groups in southern China will install a new Goss Magnum 8 press this summer at a brand new printing plant located within its 700-acre cultural development center.

The Hunan Daily Group confirmed the order for the 12-unit press at China Print, Beijing, in May. The new press will print up to 75,000 copies per hour and be configured with three four-high towers, a Goss Universal 2:3:3 jaw folder with upper former, and three automatic splicers.

Since 1998, the Hunan Daily Group has ordered 60 Goss Community SSC, Magnum and Urbanite single-width press units from Shanghai Goss Graphic Systems, the joint-venture company of Goss International and Shanghai Printing and Packaging Machinery. "High performance, reliable quality and trustworthy service have been the standards of Goss products and the foundation of our long-term business cooperation," according to deputy general manager Liu Shulin. "We look forward to starting the new press to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hunan Daily."

The shaftless Goss Magnum 8 press model has advanced automation features including infeed, outfeed and remote ink, dampening and register controls. A modular design allows printers and publishers to configure systems based on specific pagination and color requirements and expand easily in the future.

"We compared other competitive presses in the same range and found that the new-generation Magnum 8 model offers the best value and performance," according to Liu. "Its new automation features will bring us lower waste and competitive color printing quality."

Liu says the new press reflects the Hunan Daily Group's ongoing investments to retain a leadership position within a media industry that is rapidly developing and diversifying in Hunan. The number of newspapers in the province has increased, the internet has been wielding greater influence, and radio and TV have extended their reach through multiple new transmission outlets.

The Hunan Daily Group publishes five newspapers. Its flagship publication Hunan Daily is the largest newspaper in the province with the largest circulation of 256,000 copies per day. Targeting various reader interests, the Group also publishes other newspaper titles including Sanxiang City Express, Family Guide, Science and Education News, Wencui Bao and People's Health. Circulation of each title has grown constantly. The Group also contract prints and distributes 80 other newspaper titles and has a comprehensive internet portal titled Voice of China (, publishing electronic versions of all its printed titles.

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