Cromografica Builds Successful Digital Book-printing Business with HP Indigo Presses

Web-to-Print Venture with Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso high-quality books on-demand

MILAN, Italy, 08 June 2009 - HP announced today the major step forward in web-to-print publishing made by Cromografica and Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso using HP Indigo commercial presses.

Cromografica's joint venture with the publishers of La Repubblica has resulted in the first Italian self-publishing website

Established in 1974 as a lithographic printer, Cromografica has grown steadily and evolved its technology to differentiate its services and maintain competitiveness. Its first digital experience came when it acquired a company that had an early HP Indigo press and Cromografica added short-run jobs for publishing houses, advertising agencies and samples and zero issues for magazines to its product offering.

In 2006, the company invested in an HP Indigo press 5000, beginning a new era of digital printing, establishing on-demand services and personalisation of books, magazines, calendars, direct mail, invitations and greetings cards.

Cromografica comprised of five printing companies, which employ a total of 125 people in Rome, Milan and L'Aquila (Abruzzo). The group's customer portfolio is mainly Italian but includes a large number of international brands, publishers and agencies. Its lithographic and web offset operations print magazines, periodicals, catalogues and general commercial work.

The acquisition of the second digital press, an HP Indigo press 5500, in January 2008 was the result of the formation of the company's joint web-to-print self-publishing venture with Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso. The ease of use of the interface combined with the speed of product and quality of the final product is the result of careful planning and waiting for the right moment.

"We had been intending to launch print on-demand services for some time but didn't feel the technology was right for us until the launch of the HP Indigo press 5000," said Marco Giovanelli, managing director, Cromografica. "We established our print-on-demand service based on that press's capabilities, and it has been a great success."

That success, and work carried out for Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso, led to the web-to-print self-publishing joint venture.

"Digital technology is the only way that printers can respond to customer demands for cost-effective short-run, on-demand print, Giovanelli continued. "As a tool, digital printing can enable you to penetrate new niche markets, which is very important in a fiercely competitive market. Web-to-print and one-to-one marketing present great opportunities for business development, and our HP Indigo presses enable us to easily address our customers' new requirements."

The popularity and success of web-to-print book printing has given Cromografica the confidence to further differentiate its on-demand offering and is looking at developing photobook and personalised agenda production.

"Our experience of the HP Indigo press 5000 left us in no doubt about buying a second HP Indigo press," said Emanuala Napoli, business manager, Cromografica. "From our point of view HP Indigo technology is a necessary choice. HP's leadership is regarded as the best guarantee for our customers and it is very supportive and always ready to take part in our new initiatives and help us to tackle new challenges."