HP Indigo digital printing technology is at the heart of Recto et Verso's web-to-print strategy

ISSY LES MOULINEAUX, France, 18 June 2009 - HP announced that the company Recto et Verso, of Tourcoing (North of France), has installed a HP Indigo press 5500 to extend its web-to-print activity.

Recto et Verso was founded in 2006 by Bernard Lesperres and two printing and computing specialists, determined to run their own company.  Aware of the problems faced by traditional printers, Lesperres and his partners were looking for a new model. They decided to operate a web-to-print ordering facility, sub-contracting the actual printing, through the website www.cashimprim.com. Until April 2008, this model worked, but increased volumes and a realisation of the full opportunity let the company to establish a second website (www.printer-discount.com) and invest in an HP Indigo press 5500.

Thanks to the variable data capabilities available on the HP Indigo press 5500, Recto et Verso has been able to target and win new customers in the pharmaceuticals industry. In this sector, many people work in very different environments, be it in a hospital, in a private clinic or as a freelance and therefore personalization becomes key to conceive targeted and adapted marketing campaigns and messages.

The productivity of the HP Indigo press is a further opportunity for Recto et Verso to expand its business and develop commercial printing applications for local clients requiring short-run print.