New Goss Ecochill heatset dryer enhancement improves productivity and print quality
  • Unit on display at Print '09 show
  • Quad/Graphics orders six more after testing first one in U.S.
  • Retrofit eliminates condensate, improves web control and provides web break detection

September 11th, 2009 - Goss International has launched a new enhancement for existing heatset dryers, and the largest privately owned printing company in North America has ordered six more after testing the first one in the United States.

The new Ecochill enhancement uses proven technologies from Goss Ecocool dryers to eliminate condensate on the chill rollers, preventing print defects such as smearing and ink picking and allowing web presses to be run at higher speeds. The enhancement eliminates the requirement for a smoke tunnel and is available as a retrofit on all Goss Ecotherm and Ecoweb dryers as well as some dryers manufactured by other suppliers.

Quad/Graphics tested the first Ecochill enhancement in the United States during the summer at one of its printing facilities. The company subsequently ordered six more units for installation on double-web presses. Two of the Ecochill units to be installed by Quad/Graphics will include optional remoistening capabilities.

"Our Ecocool technology was a true breakthrough, as we improved web control and eliminated condensate on the chill rollers by positioning them immediately after the dryer and controlling the web with a greater degree of wrap to increase surface pressure and maintain tighter contact," explains Chuck Irons, Goss International sales director. "The Ecochill brings similar benefits to printers with existing Ecotherm and Ecoweb dryers, bridging the gap to the newer, more advanced technology."

The compact Ecochill unit is positioned between the existing dryer and chill roll stand and includes three additional small-diameter, concave chill rollers, like those used in the newer Ecocool dryers. The aluminum rollers are non-driven, requiring no additional power, and the units are available in 1020 mm, 1460 mm and 2060 mm (40, 57 and 80 inch) widths to accommodate most traditional web press formats. Mounted to the existing chill roll frame, the integrated unit with the additional rollers eliminates condensate and improves web control.

"Our newest Goss Sunday presses are equipped with Ecocool dryers, so we have seen the advantages of the integrated chill roll concept," explains Tim Sands, vice president of press operations for Quad/Graphics. "We tested the Ecochill enhancement thoroughly, and it has proved to be a very clever and cost-effective way to bring similar competitive advantages to pre-Ecocool dryers."

The Ecochill unit is equipped with Teflon and chrome plated silicone applicator rollers which are fed from an existing mixer to further reduce ink picking and smearing along with build-up on downstream rollers. An optional remoistening system can be incorporated, adding full flexibility in the application of both silicone and water on the top or the bottom side of the web.

"Print quality and speed are more critical than ever in today's environment, but the build-up of condensate on pre-Ecocool style chill rollers inhibits heat transfer and can force web printers to compromise on speed and overall throughput," Irons comments. "Through successful Ecochill installations in Europe and the United States, we have shown that this is an excellent solution that can optimize productivity."

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