Church of Scientology expands into web offset production with new Goss press
  • Sunday 2000 system with Autoplate and Automatic Transfer Technology selected for quality, versatility and short-run efficiency

September 11th, 2009 - The Church of Scientology will install a Goss Sunday 2000 press in early 2010, premiering a new web offset production facility in addition to an existing extensive digital print operation in Los Angeles used to produce its collateral materials and publications.

Print quality, operability and low-waste efficiency were key factors in the press selection, according to Mollie Hoertling, executive vice president of Project Management for the Church of Scientology. Goss Automatic Transfer technology will also enable language changes for various products to be completed on-the-fly, without stopping the press.

"With the automation and efficiency breakthroughs in offset technology, it makes sense for us to establish an in-house offset facility to produce our promotion and marketing publications," explains Hoertling. "We planned this project very thoroughly and the Goss system was the best choice based on print quality, the Sunday press automation, and therefore its ease of operation - all of which fit our diverse production requirements."

Goss International will supply a Contiweb FD paster, an Ecocool dryer and Autoplate fully automatic plate changing technology with the six-unit Sunday 2000 system at the Church of Scientology printing facility. The Goss Web Center digital workflow package will manage automated presetting and control of the new press to minimize waste, makeready time and operator effort. A PCF-1 pinless combination folder will produce magazine, tabloid, digest, delta and chopped delta product formats. The press will also be equipped with a sheeter.

"While this is a highly advanced press, the ability of our crews to be able to get up to speed quickly and maximize its performance was a very important factor in the selection process," explains Hoertling. "The technology itself, the automation features and the track record of Goss International in supporting similar start-ups give us a lot of confidence."

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