Exciting 3D Printing Advances from Objet Attract EuroMold 2009 Attendees

Live Customer Presentations and Latest Systems on Display at HALL 11, STAND C-92

Rehovot, Israel (November 23, 2009) - Attendees of EuroMold 2009 will see a miniature sports car and a biorobotic snake designed and produced by customers of Objet Geometries, the innovation leader in 3D printing. Presentations, courtesy of Nimrod Racing and the Technion Institute, will take place every two hours throughout the duration of the event, which will be held Dec 2-5 in Frankfurt, Germany (HALL 11, STAND C-92). EuroMold represents one of the world's leading forums for moldmaking and tooling, design and application development.

Objet will also showcase several of its breakthrough 3D printers, all of which create extremely durable, high-quality models with exceptional levels of detail and clean, smooth surfaces. These systems include:

  • Alaris30TM, a first-of-its-kind, office-friendly, affordable 3D printer - small enough to fit on a desk - that creates first-class models at minimal cost, enabling more companies to enjoy the benefits of the technology. The system will also be showcased at the booth for CAD.de, the biggest online forum for German-speaking computer designers.
  • From the professional line, Eden family of 3D printers, Eden500VTM and Eden260VTM. The Eden500V is an ideal Objet solution for large-size model requirements or when high productivity is vital. The Eden260V is a market-leading system for smaller offices and will be accessible at the adjacent booth of Objet's Germany-based partner, RTC.
  • Released this June, Connex350TM, the second in Objet's Connex family, which represents the world's only family of 3D printing systems that allows product developers and manufacturers to simultaneously print multiple materials with different mechanical and physical properties. Its predecessor, the Connex500TM, the world's first multi-material 3D printer, won the EuroMold Innovation Award in 2007. To convey details on the Connex350, Objet will offer presentations in German every two hours throughout the event.

"We are extremely proud to share our latest innovations in 3D printing with the participants of this year's EuroMold event, and are especially pleased to be joined by loyal Objet customers," said David Reis, CEO of Objet Geometries. "These systems all cut significant time and spending from the product development process, offering manufacturers and designers a distinct edge over the competition."

Objet systems utilize PolyJetTM and PolyJet MatrixTM Technology, which work by jetting proprietary materials in ultra-thin layers, immediately curing each layer with UV light. The process yields models that closely emulate the look, feel and function of an exceptionally wide variety of end products.

Connex multi-material 3D printing systems offer specialized capabilities, which Objet will demonstrate at EuroMold with a "just-released" digital materials pack. This offering allows Connex users to combine materials for models that are more suitable than ever for product-design testing, simulation and validation. It allows for the creation of 18 new materials, which characterize a wide range of rubber/elastomer based products, and can be used to print a wide variety of parts, such as wires and cables, grips and handles, plugs and connections, shock absorbers, function buttons, gaskets and seals, among other rubber applications.