Objet puts high-performance in the spotlight

‘À vitesse grand V' French customer events, 9th & 11th March

Rheinmuenster, Germany (January 29, 2010) - Objet Geometries will showcase its latest 3D printer, the Connex350TM at two customer events this March in France. Illustrating the benefits of high-performance rapid prototyping technology, the ‘À vitesse grand V' events will be hosted at Le Mans 24 hour circuit (9th March) and Actua GT Driving (11th March) in Lyon - venues synonymous with speed and advanced engineering.

The Connex350TM maintains the Connex family's unique ability to produce 3D models by simultaneously printing multiple materials with different mechanical and physical properties. Widely established through the Connex500TM, the PolyJet MatrixTM Technology enables two polymers to be printed as separate entities or mixed during printing. In this way, it can simulate overmoulding or create different material characteristics such as variable shore hardness materials, due to Digital MaterialsTM. The Connex350TM offers these capabilities at a lower investment, through its build volume of 350 x 350 x 200 mm, while delivering the same performance as its larger counterpart.

"The introduction of the Connex350TM provides the flexibility to invent and create, that was previously the domain of larger bureaux or high-end, in-house prototyping departments," states Amos Libermann, Objet Geometries Regional Manager for France, "Now it is within everyone's grasp."

The ‘À vitesse grand V' events will introduce the features and benefits of the Connex350TM through product demonstrations, technical explanations and case studies from customers on their experience of the base technology. In addition, there will be opportunities to discuss prototyping challenges with the Objet technical team and engineers as well as explore other products from the Objet range.

To balance any intellectual strain from the technical discussions, both events will allow attendees to sample the full appeal of their chosen venue. Visitors to the Le Mans 24 hour circuit take a tour of the famous racing circuit, whilst customers at Lyon will be able to assess their own aptitude for speed.

"We've selected venues that reflect the high-performance and advanced engineering of the Connex," comments Libermann, "Both events promise to be very enjoyable as well as informative for all those attending and I have no doubt that everyone will get a thrill from the high-performance experiences."

To register interest in attending the Objet ‘À vitesse grand V' event, please go to www.objet.com/àvitessegrandV after 3rd February or contact Pascale at MG2 on Telephone: 0241 36 82 10, quoting promotional code CXF03.