GossRSVP “Media Link Service” now available worldwide

April 6th, 2010 - The GossRSVP Media Link Service is now available globally for advertisers, publishers or any business that wants to create Internet mobile media to engage consumers via non-proprietary 2-D quick response (QR) codes.

Media Link Service is a self-service subscription program that provides a media campaign creation dashboard, mobile-ready content and websites, a QR code generator, tracking metrics, a reseller model, white label self-branding ability, and more, in one application.

The GossRSVP program, established by Goss International, allows mobile phone users to interact with print and other media through simple 2-D QR barcode technologies.

With an on-line subscription to the GossRSVP Media Link Service, an advertiser can create a campaign and place an automatically generated 2-D QR code in their print ad, signage, Internet page or in any other media. Consumers can then use their mobile phones to gain access to additional media created by the advertiser, such as coupons, pictures, videos, mobile landing pages and more. The advertiser gets campaign and consumer metrics, leading to an enhanced ROI. Because the global codes are non-proprietary, mobile users may choose to download any open market scanner application to their phone and use it to interact.

As of April 2010, existing and new GossRSVP customers can download direct SMS 2-D QR codes for any promotion created. The Media Link Service also has both direct SMS and http auto-generated 2-D QR codes downloadable for use.

Advertisers or resellers can open GossRSVP Media Link Service accounts by going to www.gossrsvp.com and clicking on the "sign-up now" link. All features are available at the "sign-up now" link, however SMS messaging through the GossRSVP program is currently only available within the United States and Puerto Rico.

GossRSVP applications can be used as is or they can be "white labelled" and branded by the user. Integration of the technology with other business applications may be done via an API (Application Programming Interface) and custom applications. Provisioning a custom short code for other countries will be considered based on volume and supporting partnerships.

For more information please contact GossRSVP at: rsvp.sales@gossinternational.com or 1-603-743-5505 (USA) or visit www.gossrsvp.com.

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