Goss Community press pedigree is key to UBP’s printing upgrade for East Malaysia

April 23rd, 2010 - The reliability of a product brand that is steeped in history was the overriding consideration when UBP Printing in East Malaysia opted to upgrade its color capacity with a new Goss Community SSC press. The press has been installed in Kuching City to print the Chinese daily title, United Daily News, and copies of the Star Sarawak, East Malaysia edition.

"We were under pressure to increase color pages and also the print quality," states Sim Yong Liang, managing director at UBP Printing. "Despite the world economy, local advertising demands are still increasing here and so too is the potential to gain contract printing work. For both of these requirements, we needed a press with a heritage of quality and flexibility. We believe the Goss Community press is the answer."

UBP Printing is a subsidiary of United Borneo Press Group Sdn Bhd, based in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Its plants in Kuching, Miri and Sibu employ 300 people.

"Goss International has a solid reputation in the region," continues Yong Liang. "The heritage of the Community SSC press is very important to us, but we also needed the back up of a supplier with good servicing capabilities and a fast response. We are sure Goss International will deliver."

The Goss Community SSC press, commissioned in March 2010, has five, four-high printing towers, one SSC folder and six reelstands. This configuration gives the potential for 20-page broadsheet products in full color or 24-page broadsheets with four pages in two colors using the sixth reelstand.

"Our old presses can only manage 12 pages of color on a 24-page product," confirms Yong Liang. "This limits the overall look and feel of our main title the United Daily News, printed for one group of our highly cosmopolitan population, mainly Chinese, Malay, Iban and Indian."

The diversity of cultures in the region means an abundance of newspaper titles. UBP has already captured a contract to print The Star, Malaysia's leading English daily. The collaboration between the publisher and UBP is focused on delivering daily news by 6 am every day at a lower price than previously possible. "We are close to the heart of the Malaysian oil industry, so the wealth generated will always give us new avenues to explore. With the new Community press installed, we will have the high-performance capacity to look for new work," states Yong Liang.

To consolidate that capacity, UBP Printing is not only investing in a new press. Alongside, will be a wider upgrade in facilities to mirror the high standards the company expects from the Goss Community press.

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