Performance takes priority for Imprimerie Dridé – the first printing company in France to choose the Goss Folia press
  • Top-quality printer will install the first Folia press system in the world with dual acrylic varnishing.
  • High print quality and productivity are vital.

May 18th, 2010 - Imprimerie Dridé, on the outskirts of Paris, has invested in a new high-speed Goss Folia offset press with simultaneous perfecting, high-gloss varnishing and sheet output. The printing company will be the first in France to use the revolutionary system.

The Goss Folia press at Imprimerie Dridé will go into production in 2010 and will print a highly varied range of products including catalogues, brochures, annual reports, leaflets, direct-mail products, commercial documents and small card products.

"We were looking for a new, very high-output, heavy-duty offset printing machine. Goss International is the only manufacturer to have presented us with a simultaneous perfecting machine giving such high print quality, enabling us to produce volumes as high as 30,000 sheets per hour," explains Gilles Aubin, CEO at Imprimerie Dridé. "We chose the Folia press because it can process all conventional jobs at very high speeds, without deforming the paper. It also opens up to us new development opportunities with its high-gloss varnished printing capabilities and fast automatic plate-change speed. The system for regulating blanket cylinder pressure, controlled from the machine's console, also makes the press very versatile when it comes to using heavier-weight papers."

Goss International unveiled its new Goss Folia press at the drupa 2008 exhibition, offering a highly innovative simultaneous perfecting offset printing solution with an output of 30,000 sheets per hour. The system includes proven technologies such as the Autoplate automatic plate-changing system, the Goss DigiRail digital inking solution, continuous sheet output, and advanced color control. Non-stop reel input is another essential productivity feature, while blanket-to-blanket printing uses the entire sheet format and can cover up to 700 x 1020 mm. The sheeter is able to handle a full bleed image across the web/sheet eliminating non-print gutters in the center and at the side of the sheet.

"We will be using a completely innovative technical solution, enabling us to reach new markets and offer a unique service," Gilles Aubin explains. "We are convinced that the Folia press has enormous potential to reduce print times and enable us to process high volumes very quickly."

Since its establishment in 1934, Imprimerie Dridé has continuously expanded its operations and has a staff of 70 people with wide-ranging skills and expertise. The company emphasizes its responsiveness, ambition and longstanding passion for its work in reflecting the basic professional values of Imprimerie Dridé as well as its code of ethics.

The company has been awarded the environmental "Imprim'vert", PEFC certification and an FSC label, so it is well qualified to meet environmental standards. Recent acquisition of new-generation finishing equipment together with the Folia press will improve its performance with innovative solutions and will provide comprehensive back-up for its growth strategy, according to Aubin.

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