L’Union invests in two Goss Uniliner ‘S’ presses
  • 4x1 press format will provide new efficiencies for multiple editions
  • Semi-automatic plate-loading chosen for fast job changeovers
  • Single-level configuration will optimize press manning and reduce building costs

October 8th, 2007 – Part of Hersant Media, L’Union has invested in two shaftless Goss Uniliner ‘S’ presses for its facility in Reims, north-east France. The new presses will increase color capacity at the facility from four broadsheet pages to 32 tabloid pages and will be used to print a range of daily newspapers as well as a number of free sheets for the region.

François Chaize, Directeur Industriel of Hersant Media Group, comments on the company’s decision for the investment. “As the Uniliner ‘S’ press is dedicated to straight production and in the double-width format, the press will offer us the opportunity to print 16 tabloid pages per web, instead of eight pages today, keeping the advantage of a four-page jump. The free sheet Paru Vendu (80 tabloid pages in four-color), will also be printed, “mixing” the two presses. The 4x1 press also provides us with significant flexibility in pagination, section count and color. Because of this we feel it’s the best fit for our company where some of our titles have a great number of editions.”

Each Uniliner press will be capable of printing up to 64 pages with 32 in full color. The press line will be configured as five eight-couple towers and one four-couple tower with a cut-off of 578 mm. The order also comprises semi-automatic plate loading to improve productivity during edition and job changeovers and two 2:3:3 jaw folders. Eight reelstands will be located at 90 degrees to the press line and at the same level as the Uniliner towers.

Chaize continues, “The configuration of the press and the decision to have the reelstands located at 90 degrees to the press line provides us with numerous advantages. The investment costs for single level buildings are significantly less expensive than for a similar two level building, which additionally reduces energy consumption. A single level configuration also optimizes manning by enhancing press crew efficiency and communication.”

The Uniliner ‘S’ press combines proven Goss design and technology with a highly flexible 4x1 configuration designed to provide a cost-effective solution for high volume production.

Alain Calvet, area sales manager at Goss International concludes, “We are working closely with L’Union to deliver equipment that meets their exact specification in a time frame that will enable them to make the most of the additional capacity the press offers. The Uniliner ‘S’ press offers high print quality and automation which can help to support the long-term growth objectives of the company in the French market.”

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