Goss International centres on holistic approach at Ifra

October 8th 2007 – As ‘adding value’ continues to be a dominant theme within the printing and publishing industry, at IfraExpo 2007 Goss International (Hall B, Stand 610) is emphasising its holistic approach to the principle for creating true competitive advantages.

Under its heading ‘Bright ideas, inspired integration’, Goss International expands on the added value that can be realized not only through innovative Goss technologies, but also through innovative application of those technologies.

According to Eric Bell, Goss International Marketing Manager for EMEA, whether focusing on product differentiation or production efficiency, the publisher’s requirement for added value from its suppliers is propelling the newspaper industry today:

“The continued focus on added value has been the key driver behind Goss’ product development for a number of years now, both in terms of new equipment and product enhancement opportunities,” says Bell. “Our specific focus at Ifra is on the further added value achievable through taking a holistic view of the overall integration and combination of available technologies across products and Lifetime Support services.”

With product flexibility, expanded press utilization and waste reduction currently burning issues in the newspaper industry, Goss technology combinations have been developed to maximize the benefits across the entire product and service portfolio. From the precise specification of a new press to the strategic use of latest technologies and feature enhancements, opportunities to maximize competitiveness are available to all press users.

These include:

  • Format changing capabilities – press models, folder combinations
  • Heatset/coldset combinations – dryers with integrated chills and remoistening
  • Increased automation – DigiRail inking; automated plate loading solutions
  • Press-room ergonomics – compact presses and innovative configurations; 2x1 up to 6x2

“The hot topics among the industry’s largest publishers are equally hot for smaller publishers and printers, but there seems to be a perception that today’s added value opportunities are only available from the latest press designs,” comments Eric Bell. “The message from Goss International at IfraExpo 2007 is that looking for new ways to help customers remain competitive is core to our business and comes into everything we do. Regardless of business size or scope, there are Goss solutions available to add value to what newspaper publishers and printers do.”

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