Scodix to Unveil The FinalTouch™ Printing Solutions to Multi-billion Dollar US Graphics Arts Market

Rosh Ha'ayin, February 17, 2011 -Scodix will unveil its groundbreaking Scodix1200TM UV PremiumPrintingTM press in the United States at Dscoop6. The latest digital printing phenomenon will be launched in the US market by digital enhancement leader Scodix, using its inkjet technology and proprietary ScodinkTM, in a demonstration for HP Graphic Arts press owners at the February 17-19 event in Orlando, Florida.

"Scodix is introducing The FinalTouchTM printing technology whose effects create an experience that has never been seen or felt before in the printing industry. When someone reaches out and touches an item with Scodix FinalTouchTM, the senses are immediately awoken, triggering a sensory experience," said Scodix CEO Kobi Bar. "It gives life to the 2 dimensional printed sheets, and this is what will keep the printing industry alive for years to come."

Scodix FinalTouchTM is a perfect solution for the vast US Graphic Arts market, where the greeting card market alone is worth more than $80 million per annum, Bar said. The personalized book and photo book markets are also enjoying double-digit growth, Bar noted. "For all of these products FinalTouchTM effects from Scodix can make a big value-added impact," he said.

The eco-friendly Scodix1200TM press empowers print service providers (PSPs) and their customers to enjoy the freedom to print in-house any run, of any size, on a wide variety of applications. The Scodix1200TM UV press performs DigitalEmbossingTM effects on demand with variable density, gradations and a high gloss level of clear ink. Capable of applying either glossy or matte embossing effects on selective areas, the Scodix1200TM adds tangible depth, texture and a whole new dimension to images and text.

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Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) is a dynamic, user-driven community of HP Graphic Arts press owners and their sales, marketing and production teams. Their vision is to lead the Graphic Arts industry as the best source for HP Indigo, Scitex and Large Format customers to maximize value and grow their business.
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About Scodix Ltd.
Scodix Ltd. is the leading provider of DigitalEnhancementTM presses for the printing industry. Headquartered in Israel, Scodix was founded by veterans of the graphic arts industry in 2007. Scodix has partnerships with HP Indigo and Dscoop. The company's core focus is to strategically lead the printing industry with FinalTouchTM, high-quality printing solutions.
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