Paramount Printing puts quality first with highly automated Goss M-600 press
  • Hong Kong printer celebrates start up of system with advanced features for low waste, fast makereadies and premium print quality

June 22nd, 2011 - Paramount Printing of Hong Kong, a subsidiary of the Next Media Group, held a ceremony on May 24 to celebrate the start up of a new Goss M-600 16-page web offset press, which augments production from its current fleet of commercial web and sheetfed presses.

Complementing four existing web offset presses, the four-unit M-600 press with a Goss Contiweb zero-speed splicer, Ecocool dryer and JF55 combination folder includes high-performance options aimed at maximizing quality and production efficiency. A JF55 folder with double parallel and delta fold was chosen for fast and accurate production of tabloid and smaller magazine formats, while Goss Autoplate plate enables fast, fully automated plate changing by a single Paramount operator. In addition, Goss Omnicon press controls manage all aspects of press automation, including presetting and up-to-the-minute status on the entire press line performance, from reelstand to folder.

The Goss Ecocool dryer for Paramount has been equipped with an anti-sweat system and advanced water package closed loop system designed especially for climates with high humidity. This option prevents water in the air from condensing on the cold chill rolls during standby, which can affect precise temperature control and lead to potential web breaks.

Paramount also chose to include the patented Goss web catcher capability to ensure that both the impact of a web break on the printing unit and the resulting press downtime are minimal. Positioned after the last unit and before the dryer, the web catcher allows instantaneous detection of a web break, regardless of paper thickness, ink coverage or blanket washing. The subsequent handling of the paper reel protects against potential blanket or mechanical damage, maintains good tension of the web between units and eliminates the need for a re-web.

Established 30 years ago, multi award-winning Paramount services clients worldwide and has a dedicated North American sales office in Toronto, Canada. According to production director Yum Tak Hung, the company's focus on high quality has been recognized through print awards in the USA, Britain, Germany and Poland as well as Hong Kong and China, and was the key factor in its selection of the M-600 press.

"We describe ourselves as ‘Paramount' in both name and philosophy," states Mr. Yum. "Through everything from graphic design and repro services, to print and finishing, our aim is to deliver a supreme service that will ensure we become the principle print supplier to our clients. We bring the creative flair, the technical expertise, experience and professionalism to help them fulfill their print needs and we look to our partners and equipment suppliers to help ensure that those standards are maintained for a cost-effective and high-quality product delivered on deadline."

"The high-quality commercial print market is becoming highly contested among Chinese suppliers," comments Goss International vice president Tim Mercy. "This press system gives Paramount one of the most versatile and high-tech print facilities in Hong Kong, raising their game once again both in terms of print performance and the value for money they can offer."


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