Objet 3D Printed ‘Fragments in Time’ Debut at 84 GHz, Munich

Daniel Hilldrup exhibits Flux and Aquiform in Rest

Rehovot, Israel - March 15, 2012 - Two 3D printed pieces from Daniel Hilldrup's ‘Fragments in Time' series make their exhibition debut at the 84 GHz in Munich today. Printed by Objet ltd., the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, the artwork is part of the AinR exhibition which runs from 15th to 18th March.

Hilldrup, a Researcher, Lecturer and Artist in Residence at the London Metropolitan University, describes his work as an exploration of the boundaries between art and design, embracing digital tools and manufacturing techniques to realize the final results. The pieces exhibited at 84 GHz, Flux and Aquiform in Rest, were 3D printed using Objet Connex multi-material technology. Each piece was printed in a single run - with the exception of three removable candle holders in Flux. Objet Connex 3D printers are uniquely capable of printing multiple materials and material properties in a single print run. Without this capability it would not have been possible to print Flux.

"My interest is the creation of functional sculpture and innovative object forms where there is an emphasis on the aesthetic and narrative of a piece, but not at the expense of usability," says Hilldrup. "In the ‘Fragments in Time' series I have experimented with simulations of movement and the transition of energies and materials from one form to another; and frozen the moment."

Hilldrup describes Flux as "a statement on the transference of energy and its transition and total transformation from one physical state and form into another." The piece depicts black candle wax melting into the liquid base of a candelabra, captured, like a fossil, at a specific moment in time. Objet 3D printed the piece using the Objet black rubber-like material (Objet TangoBlackPlus) and the Objet clear transparent, rigid material (Objet VeroClear), to realize the effect of wax melting into liquid. The removable candle holders were printed separately in Objet rigid opaque black material (Objet VeroBlack).

'Aquiform in Rest ' is a free standing sink basin and sculptural form. As its name suggests, it is of a sample in time capturing a chosen state where the motion of water constrained within a volume is revealed. 3D printed by Objet in its clear transparent material, it has been finished with a two-pack polyurethane paint.

The AinR (Artists in Residence) exhibition comprises nine London makers, a collective of artists who met and formed at the London Metropolitan University. Originating from across Europe, the group represents various artistic disciplines. Works extend from jewelry to catwalk pieces, from hand-held objects to furniture, from traditionally hand-crafted artwork to 3D printed objects. The exhibition is in collaboration with the Internationale Handwerksmesse and Design Expo in Munich, an exhibition celebrating the best of the craft trades.

Hilldrup concludes, "I'm delighted to include these pieces in the AinR exhibit, my original concepts have translated well into the final pieces. It's also great to show-off the capabilities of a cutting-edge technology like Objet 3D printing to the Handwerkmesse audience - the exhibition was founded in 1949 demonstrating traditional crafts and today it's all about contemporary handcrafts and looking to the future of the trade."

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