DirectSmile Brings Cross Media Version 5 to the UK

Berlin, 3rd September 2012 - Today at Cross Media 2012 (Business Design Centre, London, 3-4 September) DirectSmile will show its latest version of Cross Media for the first time in the UK. Cross Media Version 5 - the easy-to-use software solution for the creation of personalised, automated marketing campaigns across print, online and mobile media - includes a range of new features. These new features are designed to enable marketing professionals to generate new applications for mobile media, create full-scale template-based corporate websites and produce data-driven sales and marketing tools. 

Operating DirectSmile Cross Media requires no programming or HTML skills, making it one of the most user-friendly solutions for designing professional e-mails and websites. Version 5 provides users with a multitude of additional options, enabling users not only to create simple PURL websites for direct marketing campaigns but also full-scale template-based websites, including language versions, SEO and Social Media integration.

"Today's consumer is inundated with marketing messages and as such, brands need to ensure that their message is relevant, targeted and can be communicated across a number of different platforms," said Harry Raaphorst, Managing Director, DirectSmile. "Our objective with Cross Media Version 5 was to make this task as easy to achieve as possible and as such, the user experience was at the forefront of the design process when we developed the new Version 5 functionalities.

"For example, the new Data Relations functionality allows users to build data-driven sales and marketing applications without the need to employ programmers and database experts, making the process easier as well as providing more control. Whether creating applications for the management of sales leads, customer relations, or asset management, creating the user interface and connecting to one or many databases works just as easy as creating a website."

Ensuring that companies can easily integrate all media into their customers' marketing campaigns, DirectSmile Cross Media Version 5 also now enables simple creation of mobile web pages, sales and marketing apps and automated SMS sending. This new functionality opens up even more opportunities for innovative mobile sales and marketing strategies, linking print, mobile and online media to further increase campaign effectiveness. Salespeople can now use their phones to enter customer information directly into a database or trigger reminder e-mails to their contacts, and customers can scan a QR code into their mobiles to link to a website or personalised URL (PURL).

VDP online, the new online document creation functionality of DirectSmile Cross Media, allows users to design and generate fully personalised print documents within the same tool used for website and email creation, eliminating the need for an external layout programme. Placing personalized images in a document or using QR codes is easy and the imposition editor and colour management tools will ensure the finished document is the optimum quality and ready for print.

Harry Raaphorst continued, "Tell your customers you can deliver personalised content across multiple media channels as well as collect new customer data and track the response rates provided by the digital elements of the campaign, and it's not surprising they would consider this a complex and impressive feat! But the creative capabilities and intuitive functionalities of Cross Media Version 5 enable marketing service providers to deliver all of this and more with little investment and no extra skills. The different applications made possible with DirectSmile Cross Media are endless - from lead generation to customer loyalty campaigns, customer surveys, newsletters and event invitations - profitable, targeted marketing strategies are no longer limited by the capabilities of technology."

See how easy it is to introduce a cross-media marketing service and find out how your business could benefit from the new revenue opportunities made possible by this solution - Visit DirectSmile and the UK distributor, Transeo Media, on stand 167 at Cross Media.