Objet Adds New Improved Rigid Black Material and 16 New Rigid/Rubber-like Composites Bringing the Full Objet Range to 123 Materials
  • New Rigid Black material enables printing of 3D models with enhanced dimensional stability and surface smoothness.
  • New Objet Digital Material composites can simulate polypropylene and range of flexibilities from Shore 27 - 95.

Rehovot, Israel, November 21, 2012 - Objet Ltd., the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, today announced the release of a new and improved Objet Rigid Black Material. The new material provides enhanced dimensional stability and surface smoothness making it ideal for fine detail, all-purpose rapid prototyping.

Based on the new and improved Rigid Black Material, Objet also introduces 16 new Rigid Black and Rubber-like Digital Materials (composite materials made by combining Objet Rigid Black and Objet Rubber-like Material).

For Objet Connex systems exclusively, these 16 new Objet Digital Materials enable the simulation of a variety of rigid/rubber-like properties including:

  • A higher toughness material, simulating polypropylene.
  • A range of flexible materials with different Shore A values from 27 to 95.

The new material combinations enable the easy and accurate prototyping of seals and packaging for consumer goods, consumer electronics and automotive parts. Such models require the combination of rigid and flexible properties within a single prototype of consistent black coloring (see headphones example in image).

Objet's new Rigid Black material and new Objet Digital Materials are available immediately*. Objet VeroBlackPlus replaces Objet VeroBlack.


* DISCLAIMER: Objet Ltd. ("Objet") does not guarantee the final release and availability of materials, products and/or features referred to herein. Materials will be released subject to Objet's sole discretion. Not all released materials are currently available for all platforms/systems. Objet will update its website further as releases become available and/or compatible with specific platforms/systems.