DirectSmile Presents Real-time Video Personalisation

Berlin, December 6, 2012 - DirectSmile, a leading supplier for cross media marketing software, and the inventor of image personalisation, presents a ground-breaking new functionality for its server products - personalisation of moving images in real-time.

Enabled by the outstanding rendering performance of DirectSmile's Server solutions, highly impressive image personalised videos can now be generated within seconds. For example, a movie comprising 135 single images can be generated in less than 5 seconds on just one single server.

"All recent methods of video personalisation required enormous amounts of data and this leads to time-consuming production and costly IT services. Now, for the first time, video personalisation can effectively be used for business and marketing," says Christoph Clermont, Head of Development, DirectSmile.

Personalised videos generated with DirectSmile can be simply integrated in any website and into Cross Media campaigns.

DirectSmile's new real-time video personalisation functionality will be available as a component of DirectSmile Integration Server Version 5.1 from Q1 2013 and can be trialled online at