DirectSmile Launches New Service for Generating Personalized Images for e-mails

Berlin, 02 May 2014 – DirectSmile, a leading supplier of software for marketing automation and pioneer of image personalization, has launched a new cloud-based web portal that generates personalized images for e-mails.

The new service has been developed for those who want to use image personalization to increase the response rate to their e-mails. It provides a highly convenient way to purchase and receive web-resolution personalized images online.

The new platform, which can now be accessed at is entirely cloud-based and therefore offers users a practical and cost-effective method to utilize the proven benefits of image personalization in e-mail marketing. Visitors to the portal can easily try out how quickly and simply the system works.

Users can choose between more than 1200 different motifs and will also be able to generate millions of personalized images, into the millions. Based on DirectSmile’s market leading server technology, they will benefit from the fastest image generation engine available on the market.

Corporate users and e-mail marketing providers will be able to insert the images into their e-mail designs with minimal integration work. All that is needed is a simple API that allows the on-demand request of personalized images through a URL. 

“While personalized images are an established method to add extra value to print pieces, e-mails marketers have been reluctant to use image personalization due to the lack of easy accessibility and ability to handle high quantities of images. Our service was developed to let marketers and agencies use our technology without the need to host their own servers,” says Christoph Clermont, head of Development, DirectSmile.

For all users who require the use of personalized images for printed collateral, DirectSmile offers its tried-and- tested server and desktop solutions.

After successfully completing its beta phase, the new service is now available to customers worldwide at