Making ad sales more efficient than ever: 5 fifteen’s ad DEPOT debuts on the Salesforce app exchange
  • Simple-to-use ad order entry integrated into

May 12, 2014 - 5 fifteen today announced the availability of ad DEPOT, direct from the app exchange at A simple advertising sales solution that plugs into your monthly Salesforce agreement it handles digital and print bookings and allows customers to carry out media scheduling all from within Salesforce.

Accessing ad DEPOT via enables ad bookings to be entered direct into the platform enabling sales teams to focus on what matters most: selling. By providing a simple to use ad order entry form and all the necessary tools in one place, sales people can be more productive, working from up-to-date information and delivering booking details to publishers in real time.

Built from the ground-up in and utilizing a standard AdsML ad order insertion description, ad DEPOT has no reliance on any specific back-office AR/billing system.

"With more than three million users and 1,800 apps on the exchange, we were surprised by just how few were aimed at the media industry," says Howard Robson,5 fifteen's Business Development Director. "With ad DEPOT, we have combined a solution crafted through 20 years of experience with the latest Salesforce technology and industry standards."

ad DEPOT separates ad insertion selling from back-office fulfillment and management processes. The result is that more deals can be closed faster and time is saved by eliminating re-work or duplicating data entry. ad DEPOT ensures increased productivity through its familiar intuitive interface. Every department can access specific information while at the same time maintaining a real-time overview of the whole operation.

"It was really important for us and our early adopters that ad DEPOT was delivered on a low-cost flat fee basis direct from the app exchange. The ad DEPOT app is fully supported and we are able to deliver maintenance, support enhancements and upgrades as part of a well-defined product roadmap," says Merv Griffin, Sales Director, 5 fifteen. "Throughout the remainder of 2014, 5 fifteen will be introducing a series of applications based at, furthering the benefits of Cloud technology for our customers."