Henry Wurst to Install Goss Sunday 2000 to Expand Market-Leading Commercial Print Business

September 15th, 2015 - Henry Wurst, Inc., one of America's largest printing, mailing and marketing communications suppliers, will install a sixteen-page, 5-unit Sunday 2000 press system in December this year. With speeds of up to 70,000 impressions per hour, the new system will replace two existing 5 and 8-unit presses at Henry Wurst's Kansas City printing facility, while still increasing the company's production capacity.

The investment is part of the company's long-term growth strategy to further extend its market lead and diversify its already extensive product range of both short-run, targeted or versioned products and long- run print jobs.

"We create a lot of targeted, heavily-versioned products and this press is built to manage that type of work cost-effectively and with quick turnarounds," says Timothy Wurst, director of marketing services, Henry Wurst. "These benefits will enable us to broaden our scope for new business, further increasing our competitive edge and, at the same time, helping our customers to do the same.

"In addition to the huge advances in productivity, the likes of which we haven't seen from other manufacturers in many years, the Sunday 2000 has many other features that make it unique," Wurst explains. "Gapless blankets and pinless folders, for example, significantly increase production and job changeover efficiency. It was innovations such as these that set the Sunday 2000 apart as a press that is truly in a class of its own."

With a high level of automation, the Sunday 2000 system has been engineered for maximum print quality, productivity and versatility. It delivers these advantages around the clock with proven, long-term reliability. The press is also ideally configured for both short- to medium-runs, with the flexibility to handle more makereadies and wider range of jobs.

Founded in 1937, Henry Wurst has a long-established reputation for high-quality web-offset printing. It boasts a varied customer portfolio, from some of the world's leading advertising agencies and corporations to small, local businesses. Regardless of size, all customers receive the same high standards of service and product quality.

Plant manager at Henry Wurst, Randy Radosevich, says, "Henry Wurst plays a crucial role in our customers' supply chains, many of whom have integrated us directly into their CRM systems. Our customers have always been our prime focus and any technology investment we decide to make has to provide them with new opportunities to differentiate their printed product and remain competitive. Our customers are really excited by the endless possibilities available to them once this latest investment is up and running."

The specification to be installed at Henry Wurst also includes a Goss CS-1020 splicer to automate the reel changing process. The press will be equipped with the Goss PCF-SQF pinless folder plus a Goss PFF module resulting in a wide variety of folding options for increased product and pagination versatility.

The addition of a Goss VITS Rotocut high-speed sheeter provides superior cutting accuracy, an integrated print-to-cut register control and minimizes paper waste.

Also included in the order is a Goss Ecocool/T dryer which features industry-leading technology to ensure lower gas and energy consumption - key to complying with Henry Wurst's environmental policies.

Mark Hanf, president, Henry Wurst, concludes, "With our finger firmly on the pulse of the latest marketing trends and innovations, we see that print remains an important part of the marketing mix. The lines between digital and offset technology continue to blur and both will be a vital part of our business' future."