Operative and 5 fifteen Partner to Deliver Multi-Channel Ad Business Management Solution

Publishers can now manage their digital and print businesses in a single, combined platform

September, 24th, 2015 - 5 fifteen and Operative, leading software and services companies serving the world's largest publishers, have partnered to provide their customers a seamless integration of digital and print solutions. The combined offering provides a flexible technology stack that enables a simplified ad sales process on top of a rich, specialised functionality.

All too often, companies sacrifice their print revenue for a digital strategy or ignore digital to maintain print revenues, when the ideal state is to run all ad sales through a single, central hub.

"Our clients have told us they need a best-in-class approach to advertising management," states Lorne Brown, CEO of Operative. "This partnership enables us to provide a single flexible workflow that allows our clients to transition seamlessly between print and digital, combining inventory-based and programmatic sales requirements."

Joint development has been underway for some time, following customer workshops and user forums. The system will enable users to track and sell advertising directly and on behalf of representatives, as well as manage billing, contracts, marketing and salesforce automation, providing true end-to-end control of advertising sales, production and delivery processes.

"We are excited to be working with Operative, expanding the efficiencies promised by combining technologies," says Rod Fenwick, CEO, 5 fifteen. "We see this partnership as a wonderful opportunity to deliver a true combined solution that benefits forward-thinking publishers."