HP Indigo Technology Allows Dimaf to Expand Digital Services

BARCELONA, Spain, 30 June 2008 - HP today announced that Dimaf, Servicios Integrales para el Fotógrafo, based in Madrid, has purchased an HP Indigo press 5500 to extend its high-quality product offering to its customers.

Dimaf, established in 1999, currently employs 30 people and specialises in producing photo-specialty products including greetings cards, calendars, reminders, Christmas cards, birth announcements and, specifically, digital and professional photobooks for photographic studios and shops.

Recently the company has successfully expanded into new markets producing a 'Fotoescuela' package for schools. The package, produced on the HP Indigo press 5500, can be personalised as per the school or the photographers' requirements. It can take the form of pocket, wall or table calendars, Christmas cards, rulers, bookmarks, and others, personalised with images of the school and of individual students.

"Investing in the HP Indigo press 5500 has been vital in securing the success of our 'Fotoescuela' package," said Francisco Bracamonte, chief executive officer, Dimaf, Servicios Integrales para el Fotógrafo. "We initially spent two years trying to develop the packs using other digital printing technologies but we were not able to achieve the quality neither the productivity that we or our customers wanted. However installing our new HP press overcame this problem and our 'Fotoescuela' package has since become very popular."

The HP Indigo press 5500 produces near-silver halide quality on photo applications ideally suited to Dimaf's school photo services. Utilising Light Cyan and Light Magenta HP ElectoInks ensures that skin tones appear realistic and that textures appear well contrasted and highly defined.

The company plans to further extend its digital services, migrating more work from its traditional photographic process towards its digital press.

"We believe that the future of the photographic market lies in high-quality digital production; the photochemical process will continue but the growth will be, with no doubt, in the digital technology space," said Bracamonte. "HP Indigo technology offers the best photographic quality in today's market. We plan to use our press to offer digital photobooks to our customers and to extend our personalised service of greetings and reminder cards."