DB Ingegneria dell'Immagine adds commercial capability with an HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press

Italian specialist in large format digital print chooses HP Indigo technology to extend its product offering

BARCELONA, Spain, 13 June 2012 - HP announced today that DB Ingegneria dell'Immagine SRL, Rome, Italy, has decided to move into the commercial digital print sector with the installation of an HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press.

Founded  in 1971 as a screen printing business, the company moved to large format digital print services in the 1990s. Today, DB Ingegneria dell'Immagine, which has a total production capacity of 8,000 m2 with four plants in Rome and Milan, has completely updated its production facilities in order to increase productivity and environmental quality and to diversify the range of products offered.

"The HP Indigo 7500 will help us to avoid outsourcing work to third parties and will allow us to create a useful synergy for attracting new clients looking for both large and small format production," explained Marco Biancavilla, technical director at DB Ingegneria dell'Immagine. "Our current client base includes large companies in several sectors such as large scale retailing, advertising, manufacturing, energy and telecoms. We are hoping to bring new work to large format via our offering in the small format market and vice versa. The product range will be similar to the traditional offset market: catalogues, books, brochures, cards, leaflets with the option of relying on support from our screen printing colleagues for product enhancement if required."

DB Ingegneria dell'Immagine has chosen a four colour configuration for the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press, and can upgrade for spot colour and white in the future if there is sufficient customer demand.

"As a company we are very focused on differentiation and this has also influenced our expansion," said Biancavilla. "Our large format clients expect complete, full-service consultancy support from us, initially coming up with solutions and a range of product offerings, then delivery and installation throughout Italy, all within very short lead times."

As part of the company's commitment to set itself apart from the competition and driven by the need to respond quickly and efficiently to the increasingly pressing demands of their clients, it was a natural progression to introduce a new, independent department fully dedicated to "small format" printing and finishing. DB Ingegneria dell'Immagine chose the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press to guarantee the same level of quality, contained production costs and high production capacity that distinguishes the company's large format production.

"Small format is very different to large format in terms of production, products and materials used (paper rather than plastics)," explained Marco Biancavilla. "So we had to carry out thorough research before entering this new market in order to understand how to organise the business. With HP, we have chosen a supplier that can help us ensure we maintain the same high standards for which we are already recognised in the large format sector. Following a short survey of those experienced in this type of work and in-house it was clear to us that HP Indigo technology represented the only real solution for our approach: differentiation in quality and productivity. The HP Indigo 7500 was the perfect press for our needs.'"

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